Moskitoo “Remixes”(CD/Single)

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Moskitoo “Remixes”
モスキート "リミキシーズ"

Single CD


米12kからの2007年作。Moskitoo "Drape"のリミックスシングル集。
Raster-Notonの設立者の一人で12kやMille PlateauxからもリリースしているFrank Bretschneider、12kのオーナーTaylor Deupree、Mille Plateauxからのリリースでも人気を博すSNDのMark Fellによるリミックス3曲と「Wham & Whammy」のオリジナルバージョンを収録した全4曲18分。

01. Wham & Whammy (Frank Bretschneider Remix)
02. Skie (Taylor Deupree Remix)
03. Wham & Whammy (Mark Fell Remix)
04. Wham & Whammy (Album Version)

レーベル : 12k

CAT # : 12K2006
RELEASE DATE : March 6, 2007
Label : 12k

The Moskitoo remix cd is a 4-track single featuring remixes from Moskitoo’s full length cd Drape(12k1041).

Released as a limited edition of 500, the remix cd features “Wham & Whammy” remixes by Raster/Noton founder Frank Bretschneider and SND’s Mark Fell. 12k’s Taylor Deupree remixes “Skie” and the album version of “Wham & Whammy” is present as well.

Bretschneider’s remix comes in his signature style of ultra-clean bleeps and bouncning machine beats, layered with Moskitoo’s delicate vocals. Mark Fell takes a decidedly different approach chopping the original into hundreds (thousands) of fragments and recombining them into a jittery and jarring recontextualization. Deupree’s “Skie” remix adds organic tones and new layers of guitar and ambience to the lazy calm of the original.



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