Minamo and Moskitoo "Superstition"(12" LP)

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Minamo and Moskitoo“Superstition“

12" LP

minamoとmoskitooによる、満を持してのコラボレーションアルバム"Superstion"の12" LP盤。
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2020年10月23日19:00〜 10枚のみ追加で販売します。

12 "LP of "Superstion", a collaboration of minamo and moskitoo.
Released from 12k on May 1, 2020.
12k label stock is already sold out, so we will sell only 30 copies.

01. Atypical Dialogue(異質な対話)
02. The Postulation(その前提)
03. Imperial Webster(ウェブスター帝国辞典)
04. Palm Fable(手のひらの寓話)
05. Superstitious Typology(迷信の類型学)

レーベル : 12k
フォーマット:12" LP

Label: 12k
Catalog No.: 12k2045
Release: May 1, 2020
Format: 12”LP / DIGITAL





The members of Minamo (Keiichi Sugimoto and Tetsuro Yasunaga) have known Moskitoo (Sanae Yamasaki) for many, many years and have worked together in all sorts of ways. They have not, however, performed a live set or recorded together before what has become Superstition.

Superstition is a gathering of close friends creating music they love to create and exploring the small crevices and details of electric, electronic, and acoustic sounds. While the songs sound intentionally composed and arranged, the actual recording process was quite spontaneous and generative.

Minamo has a wonderful back catalog of releases on 12k, Room 40 and the all-too-short-lived Apestaartje. Their music is known to incorporate a large amount of interesting instruments and sound-making objects. Dreamy and fractured, beautiful and slightly unsettling. Moskitoo adds a vocal element not heard before in Minamo’s music bringing an angelic air to the scattered earthen sound.

Information : https://www.12k.com/releases/superstition/


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